6 Things You Need To Do To Get Your Church Website Ready For Christmas

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If your church is like most, you spend a lot of time getting ready for Christmas. 

You decorate your facilities, both inside and out. 

You celebrate each Sunday leading up to Christmas. 

And your Christmas Eve services might be some of the most attended of the year. 

But there is one opportunity that very few churches take advantage of during the Holiday season. 

Most church leaders put little thought into how to get their church website ready for Christmas.

And that’s a huge mistake.  

Here are six things you need to do to make sure your website is ready this Christmas season. 

Build A Landing Page

The first step to any seasonal change you make to your church website should be to create a landing page. This is especially true when there is an event like a Christmas Eve service. 

A landing page will give you a place to direct traffic from both internal and external sources. 

Choose a simple URL for your landing page. In most cases, yourchurch.com/christmas makes the most sense. 

Use The Right Key Words

Remember that as the Christmas season approaches, people conduct more online searches for Christmas-related content. 

Make sure your site uses some of those terms, especially on your landing page. 

At a minimum, you need to target keywords like “Christmas Eve Service” and “Christmas Service In _______.” 

Put Your Christmas Eve Services Online

While most people who plan to come back to church have returned, there is still a sizable group that has not. 

Covid has kept a lot of people on the sidelines. 

Online Services are a great way to reach some of those people. 

A well-done online service is also helpful for all of those in your church that travel out of town for Christmas. 

Create Christmas Themed Content

Did you know it’s okay for your church to produce content on your website that isn’t necessarily spiritual? 

There is so much content that your church can create that will help drive more traffic to your church website during the Holidays. 

A blog post about the best Christmas Light displays in your community might be helpful. 

Your staff’s favorite Christmas recipes could generate traffic. 

A list of Christmas Tree Farms in the area could be great. 

These are just a few ideas that could help generate more traffic on your site.  

Choose a Primary Call To Action

As always, it is important to call people to action on your church website. This is true for your Christmas landing page as well. 

In most cases, this will be an invitation to come to a Christmas Eve service. 

Ask people to fill out a form to let you know they are coming, and use those submissions to start building a connection with people before they visit.

Start Making Changes Now

Finally, Don’t wait. 

You need to start making these changes right away. In general, you would like to roll out the Landing page at the beginning of December. 

Then as the month rolls on, continue to create more content. 

The great thing about the content you create is that it may get more traffic next year. 

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6 Things You Need To Do To Get Your Church Website Ready For Christmas

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