Why It's Important To Equip Volunteers

Why It’s Important To Equip Volunteers

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You have volunteers, but somehow they never seem to accomplish much. Before you place the blame on them, consider how you equip volunteers before they start a project.

It’s a step that’s easy to overlook. You know they already know God’s word, but are they properly equipped to share it?

From better understanding their duties to having the right tools, it’s vital to equip your church volunteers before they do anything else.

Keep Volunteers From Leaving

If volunteers aren’t properly equipped, they might feel frustrated and underappreciated. While this isn’t the only reason volunteers leave, it is one that’s easy to prevent. Talk to your volunteers and ask them what they need. It could be as simple as getting more training to ensure they perform their duties more efficiently. Maybe they want better ways to communicate. Whatever it is, listen to them and do what you can to equip them with the tools they need.

Help Them Understand The Church’s Vision

Are you volunteers working in accordance with your church’s vision? Do they even know what they’re working to accomplish? Every church needs a clear volunteer vision. It provides detailed guidance about the purpose of volunteers and the church. It’s also a great way to encourage more volunteers.

Simply add it to your church website in the volunteering section. It’s also a great idea to add a contact form for potential volunteers to ask questions or express interest in volunteer opportunities.

Provide Resources To Share

Your church is full of various resources for your volunteers to use. However, if you don’t equip volunteers with these resources, they might not be able to share them when asked. For instance, maybe a parent a community fundraising dinner asks one of your volunteers who to contact about children’s ministry programs. Would your volunteer know how to answer that question?

Give every volunteer a list of resources and how to access them. For example, list all relevant contact details on a section of your site. Volunteers could then access this list and give people the contact details necessary to learn more about your church.

Plus, you should equip volunteers with welcome cards with your church’s site and social media accounts, schedules of events, answers to common questions and anything else volunteers can use to help potential new members interact with your church.

Keep Everyone Connected

Volunteers aren’t nearly as effective when they work alone. This is why you need to equip volunteers with easy to ways to stay connected. This might mean having special Facebook groups or even using online collaboration tools to work on large projects.

Create a members-only area of your website just for volunteers to ask questions, talk to each other and share information. Have a directory to make it easy for volunteers to contact each other along with the best times to do so.

Boost Church Growth Through Training

Equip volunteers with the training they need to be more effective. Sending your volunteers out without any real guidance is a recipe for disaster. For instance, you wouldn’t start a new job and immediately demand to be the boss. When it comes to volunteers helping to grow your church, do they know the right way to engage potential new members? They might come off as too pushy and drive people away, but with proper training, they build relationships gradually and bring in more members.

Training can involve everything from how to interact with people to knowing which resources to share. Take the time for training and you’ll have far more efficient volunteers and boost your church’s growth.

Equip Volunteers Today

Now is the time to equip volunteers. Start by creating a church website filled with useful resources for your volunteers to share. Create a church app for volunteers to communicate and quickly access resources most relevant to their needs. Provide training sessions and a Q&A area on your site to help volunteers reach their full potential.

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