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7 Ways Your Church Website Can Better Connect You to Your Members

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A church doesn’t have to limit how often it connects to its members, but it’s impossible for most churches to have someone available 24/7.

Connecting with members means being more available and we know that you want to be there for your church family. The solution to not only giving members more of what they need, but growing a church, is to have an active website.

Taking your church online might seem traditional, but the better you stay in contact with your members, even on days when there isn’t a service or event, the more your church will grow and thrive.

1. Provides Shareable Material For Memberscustom church website button

Your loyal members are always eager to spread the word, but invite cards cost money and you’re never sure how many people they actually reach. A church website gives you the opportunity to create shareable material, such as blog posts, sermons, event pages and more. Members simply have to visit the website and share anything they want to friends and family. This gives members the power to help boost church attendance and build a growing community.

2. Rely On More Than A Phone Chain For Updates

Phone chains are great, but they don’t work for everyone. Some people would much rather just visit a website to check times on an event or see if service is being delayed due to weather. Keep everyone in the loop by relying on a church website in addition to a phone chain.

3. Make It Easy To Ask Questions And Interact

What happens if a member has a question, but didn’t think of it until hours after the service? Odds are, they don’t want to feel like they’re bothering anyone by calling and asking. Your church website can offer an online community with a forum or a blog post for each service. Members then discuss questions together. Pastors are able to also further discuss questions and continue teaching and connecting with members via the website. You could even post questions in forums to spark discussion and further increase engagement.

4. Encourage Participation In Community Programs

Do you find that many members either forget about church events or just weren’t aware anything was happening? Members might have missed a service where a giving opportunity was discussed or about needing volunteers for an upcoming holiday play. Encourage a more active church family by posting about the event on your church website. Members can discuss events on the website and see how many members are already participating.

5. Meet Younger Members On Their Terms

If you want to connect with your church family, you need to meet them on their own terms – in this case, mobile devices. A shocking 93% of 18-34 year-olds use smartphones. Overall, 79% of people use smartphones. If you want to connect with your members, you need to be visible on the devices they use. Your church’s website ensures members are able to check-in no matter where they are.

6. Offer Previous Sermons For Missed Services

Hectic schedules keep many people from attending church regularly. Illnesses also keep members away. Stay in touch with members who aren’t able to attend church every Sunday by posting sermons on your website. Members will love that they can still worship, even if they’re not able to go to church directly. You could even include a digital tithe option for members to support the church, even when they’re not there.

grow your church button7. Provide Regular Devotionals During The Week

Sometimes members feel disconnected since church only happens a few times a week. What happens in the meantime? Help your church family hold strong to their faith and beliefs as they struggle through the week with daily devotionals. An email newsletter could be sent out directly to those who want it. You may even find that non-members subscribe or visit your site on a regular basis just for a daily dose of spiritual motivation.

Reach Church Members 24/7

The connection between a church and its members doesn’t end when a service ends. God is always with them. Make sure the church is too by providing a website that keeps you in contact with members and keeps members in contact with each other.

Ready to start better connecting with your members whenever and wherever they might be? See how our web design services are the perfect solution to your needs.

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