Christian Meme Accounts: Uncovering the 14 Best Sources of Holy Humor on Social Media

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Who doesn’t love an opportunity to laugh? And there’s no better way to improve your day than following some hilarious Christian meme accounts!

Memes can come in handy for multiple reasons. Maybe you just need a good belly laugh. Or perhaps you’re looking for some sermon material or content to share on your church social media account.

Whatever you’re seeking, these Christian meme accounts are sure to deliver. A few fun Christian memes will show your sense of humor and get your followers laughing. This post breaks down what a meme is, how to use memes legally, and how to create your own memes.

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What Exactly Is a Meme?

A meme is an image, video, or piece of internet content that is copied and spread online. When memes go viral, you’ll often see variations of the original content. People will take that image and add their own spin with overlay text.

The word “meme” comes from the Greek word “mimema,” which means “something imitated.” In this context, imitation truly is the sincerest form of flattery, as the cliche goes.

Christian Memes vs GIFs

Christian memes have become a common element of internet culture, and they can take on different forms. For clarity

  • A meme is typically words on top of a static image or a short video.

  • A gif is a quick, looping video clip. They often have text overlay but no sound.

  • While there can be an overlap between memes and gifs, they are technically two different things.

Christian memes may be used to communicate a particular message or feeling, to make a philosophical or ironic statement, or simply give people a good laugh.

There are numerous Christian memes, jokes, comics, videos and more that your church can share.

Because Christian memes are so easy to create and share, they have become extremely popular online, including channels like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, and show no signs of slowing down.

What Are Christian Memes?

Memes are often created for niche audiences. For example, there are some memes that only software developers would understand. Or, incredible memes specific to your company or workplace that outsiders wouldn’t get!

The same can be said for Christian memes. While some Christian memes have a broader appeal, many are created with inside jokes or shared experiences that only other Christians would understand.

Christian memes often feature such things as parodies of Christian culture, jokes about church life, and relatable behind-the-scenes moments.

While Christian memes can be funny, they also serve a deeper purpose. They can help Christians connect with each other and bond over shared experiences. In a world that is becoming increasingly secular, Christian memes can help create a sense of community among believers and appeal to those outside the church. Humor is a great way to break down walls!

14 Christian Meme Accounts to Follow for Funny Memes

1. @memesforJesus (M4J)


If you’re looking for some of our favorite memes, M4J is a great place to start. This account features all sorts of content, from relatable everyday moments to poking fun at some of the typical cliches of Christian culture.

2. @christiannerdsunite


As their bio says, the Christiannerdsunite meme account is about bridging the gap between nerds and faith. If you love video games, comic books, Star Wars, and the like, you’ll feel right at home with these Christian memes.

3. @deuteronomemes


The Deuteronomemes is another classic Christian meme account. It pokes fun at all the usual suspects and adds in some pop culture references. Plus, you’ll find hilarious content from other Christian creators.

4. @christian_99_memes


This account features Christian memes with scenes from the TV show Brooklyn Nine-Nine. In case you’re unfamiliar, this comedy series follows the lives of a group of detectives in New York City. It’s definitely an original combination for Christian memes!

5. @worshipleaderprobs


For humor specific to worship, production, and technical teams, follow Worship Leader Probs. This Christian memes account is all about relatable moments that happen behind the scenes at church. You’ll also find encouraging, heartfelt weekly prayers for worship teams.

6. @epicchristianmemes


The bio tagline is, “Two Pastors with petty dreams to make petty memes.” Like all meme accounts, there’s no telling what you’ll find here…from lively comment debates to celebrity memes. And, of course, plenty of church humor and Christian memes about Jesus.

7. @christianm3mes


There are plenty of God, VeggieTales, SpongeBob, and Christian dating joke Christian memes on this page. Most of the original content was in the traditional meme format of photos with text overlay, but they’ve recently switched to more reels and video content.


If you’re a youth pastor, teenager, or young adult, this account will resonate. These are some of our favorite memes abd they hit close to home for anyone who’s been through the youth group circuit. Plenty of jokes about camp, youth groups, and poking fun at youth pastors.

9. @thenormalpentecostal


You’ll relate to this account if you’ve grown up in church, but especially if you’ve been part of a more expressive or charismatic church. They also share a fair amount of Christian memes and comedy from other Christian creators.

10. @litcatholicmemes


Looking for some Catholic-specific Christian memes? Look no further. The jokes and memes tie in aspects of the Catholic faith and practice. You’ll find a mix of lighthearted memes and heartfelt posts on faith.

11. @chrchcurmudgeon


The church curmudgeon persona is easy to identify: the old-timer who is fed up with how things are done now and throws back to how “things used to be.” The owner of this Christian meme account spends their time creating content like poems, quips, coffee, and cheesy jokes for all ages.

12. @memelordmonday


Matt was formerly a creator for Memes of Jesus. He grew up in the church and was homeschooled, so he is well-versed in Christian memes, culture, and topics. This account features plenty of memes along with clips from the podcast.

13. @pastorhumor


This account is full of Christian memes and has over 60K followers. They feature a variety of church memes for worship teams, pastors, and funny kids memes.

14. @alexmakeschristianmemes


At the time of posting, Alex’s Instagram account has 68K followers and growing. But he’s really known for his TikTok presence, where he has over 4.5 million followers on his account @alexgriswold. It’s definitely worth keeping an eye on the content he and his wife are putting out.

How Do You Avoid Meme Controversy?

Although you’ll find mean-spirited memes poking fun at Christianity and religion, most Christian meme accounts simply try to have a little fun and give people a good laugh.

Most creators of Christian meme accounts either grew up as Christians and in church culture or have been thoroughly immersed in it. Some are even current pastors or ministry leaders.

Humor is tricky because everyone has a different idea of what’s funny. Also, sometimes people won’t “get it” or might be offended. You only need to take a brief glance at the comments sections of these meme accounts to see that’s the case!

Some won’t understand what a meme is or its purpose, and they mistakenly think you’re making a serious statement on faith or church. Or they don’t think a subject should be joked about.

You can’t please everyone, but let’s cover some tips to keep things on the positive side and avoid unnecessary controversy with your Christian meme accounts.

6 Tips For Keeping Christian Memes Lighthearted and Fun

If you use Christian memes in a church, ministry, or professional setting, then the following tips will help you avoid a catfight in the comments section or the wrong kind of publicity.

  • Be selective about what trends you jump on. If a meme is totally out of line with your values, just leave it and find something else.

  • Don’t use trendy and popular phrases without understanding their full and explicit meaning. Ask a teenager or consult to triple-check.

  • On the other hand, don’t play it excessively safe and use Christian memes that have been overdone. That makes you look outdated and out of touch. Examples include “grumpy cat” or “fist pump baby” memes. The internet moves quickly, so stay on top of what’s current.

  • Don’t insult people or groups. Humor works best when you’re self-deprecating and poking fun at yourself. When you start mocking others, things can quickly turn sour.

  • Steer away from politicians, socio-political issues, and volatile events. Some people love to stir up a heated debate and use it to prove a point. But the goal for churches is unity and a good laugh, not division or causing people to pick sides and attack each other.

  • Use your caption to provide context. This is especially important if you’re managing an account that only uses funny Christian memes occasionally. Find a creative way to say, “It’s ok; this is just a joke!”

How Do You Respond to Negative Comments or DMs?

Humor is a powerful tool for connecting emotionally with people and showing personality.

And many people jump on social media for entertainment (they may even be looking specifically for Christian memes), so we don’t want to shy away from humor just because someone will be offended or confused.

Here are some options if someone leaves a negative comment. Your response on such things will depend on whether you know the person and the nature of the comment/message.

  • You can ignore it.

  • You can give a quick response along the lines of: sorry for any misunderstanding; this was meant to be lighthearted and funny.

  • You can respond with more humor, leaving a funny response or asking a ridiculous question in return.

  • You can have an offline conversation if you know the person and they’re open to it.

  • If a comment is toxic or decidedly offensive, you can delete it and/or block the person.

The most important thing is: don’t get defensive. People are more likely to listen when you’re calm and level-headed. Christian memes are intended for good natured fun.

Also, avoid getting into a heated argument in the comments section. This will only make things worse and give the trolls exactly what they want – attention and a platform to share their negativity.

Before posting Christian memes, you may be wondering: is this legal? Music, photos, and videos all have copyright laws that need to be considered. So what about funny memes?

In most cases, people create Christian memes, and Christian meme accoutns hoping they will be shared. You’re usually in the clear as long as you’re not using a meme for commercial purposes.

However, businesses and churches are more of a target than individual social media users, so it makes sense to be cautious.

Often, the copyright issues are related to the original image. Check to see if the image is covered under the Creative Commons license, which allows for free sharing and reusing of certain types of content.

In rare cases, a meme’s content may be trademarked. For example, universities and TV shows are often trademarked, so you can’t use their logos or characters.

So, if you’re unsure, it’s always best to do a quick Google search or reach out to the creator/ copyright holder for clarification.

You should credit the original creator whenever possible. Also, don’t remove watermarks or logos from memes. Not only is this illegal, but it’s also just rude!

Or perhaps you want to create your own incredible memes…

How to Create Funny Christian Memes

Maybe you want to get specific and stay original. In that case, making your own Christian jokes is incredibly easy.

You just need a great photo or two and simple editing software. And you certainly don’t need to be a skilled graphic designer.

Programs you can use to create funny memes include:

  • Canva

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Spark

  • PicMonkey

Or, you can use an online meme generator like imgflip.

Here are some tips for creating memes for Christian meme accounts:

  • Keep it short and sweet. A great meme should be able to stand on its own, even if someone doesn’t know the context.

  • Use large, easy-to-read font. You want people to be able to quickly read and understand your meme.

  • Don’t overcrowd the image. When in doubt, less is more. You want people to be able to focus on the photo and the text.

  • Make it visually appealing. A great meme should be well-designed and eye-catching.

You’ll need to get creative, but play off popular memes to create funny Christian versions. Share these on social media along with an invite.

Christian Meme Accounts are Great For A Good Laugh

Christian memes can be a fun way to express your faith and connect with other believers. They often poke fun at typical cliches of Christian culture while also providing a lighthearted take on modern church culture. If you’re looking for a good laugh and a few moments of solidarity, be sure to check out the Christian memes accounts we’ve featured here.

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