53 Funniest Christian Memes to Make You Laugh

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Christian memes are an excellent way for Christians to spread and share humorous jokes with other Christians. These jokes can be about church culture, the Bible, pastors, or anything else related to the church.

Using memes can be a useful way to create a fun environment at youth groups or in church putting them before or during slideshows or sermons. They can also be shared online among friends or in church management group chats to provide some laughs.

In this article, we go through the top 53 memes about church, Christian culture, the Bible, and more. These are light-hearted jokes not meant to be taken seriously and hopefully brighten your day. Feel free to use them on your church’s social media accounts, on slideshows during service, or whatever else you want!

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What is a Christian Meme?

Just in case you’re not exactly clear on our terminology here, a meme in modern culture is defined as “an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by internet users, often with slight variations”.

If you’ve ever scrolled through a social media site like Facebook, Instagram, or Reddit, good chance you’ve seen a meme or two. They are an effective form of humor in the 21st century because memes can be adapted to target audiences much more quickly than other formats. Some memes can only be understood by doctors, some by gamers, and in this case: some by Christians!

Christian memes often contain things like parodying Christian culture, jokes about church activities, or relatable backstage moments. They are usually light-hearted, made by Christians for Christians, with inside jokes only church-goers would understand.

While memes are fun and humorous, some can go a little deeper. These are primarily designed for the purpose of helping Christians communicate their faith and share experiences. Often, a church meme can make you laugh, while also reminding you of the greatness of our God and the power of the Word.

53 Funny Christian Memes

We’ve collected 53 funny memes about church on the internet. They are split into three categories: church culture, Bible memes, and relatable memes. Feel free to use any or all of them for your own purposes, or maybe just scroll through them to get a few laughs. Enjoy!

Church Culture Memes

These are funny memes that people who go to church will understand. They cover all kinds of church-related topics like going to church with your family, worshipping, listening to sermons, trying to impress your church crush, and more. These are great to show during church on slideshows, pamphlets, or anything else.

1. Coming Late to Church After We Fall Back

Christian Meme For A Good Laugh

Was it worth it?

2. Chair Stacking Season

This was definitely me when I was younger.

3. Service Overtime

One should not say such things

That post-service potluck lunch calling my name…

4. Evolution of a Christian

I think Macaulay Culkin would like this one.

5. Church Camp Transformation

So worth it though, huh?

6. Church Potlucks

But I thought the first shall be last…?

7. Church Moms

Mom we got stuff to do.

8. Service Team Transition

If you think about it, Star Wars is kinda biblical…

9. Worship Hands

We’ve all been there.

10. Pastor Ain’t Done

And it’s always such a powerful point too.

11. Church Name Fail

So if it isn’t Peter’s, whose is it?

12. Me in Worship

We’ve all gone to church with a Napolean Dynamite.

13. Reserved Parking Space

Every couple at church really was a pregnant mom and griller husband, huh?

14. Prayer Request Time

And the families that do have the secrets always seem to pick their kids up from Sunday school before prayer request time…

15. Lego Worship

Ever heard of the Lego Bible? Yeah, its a real thing.

16. Gloria

This one’s for the older folk.

17. Mid-Sermon Snack

And you’re looking forward to it the whole time too.

18. On Your Phone

So you’ve chosen hell then.

Bible Memes

These memes all reference the stories and scriptures in the Bible. If you are familiar with the Old and New Testaments, you are sure to get a laugh out of these. These are great to share online with your Christian friends, or at Bible studies.

19. Fishy in the Red Sea

I’ll give this one a try next time I’m late too.

20. Follow Your Heart?

That’s true. I’ve never really thought of that before…

21. Son of God

Jesus definitely made a few dad jokes in His time.

22. Peter’s Denial

C’mon Peter, get your head in the game.

23. The Ten Commandments

Can God bless me with a tablet or two as well?

24. Conviction

The second funniest thing about this meme was that it was made by someone named @princeofmemegypt.

25. Noah’s Ark

I think the artist forgot the difference between male and female lions…

26. Killing Off Your Favorite Character

I mean… He did foreshadow it a bit…

27. Ecclesiastes

Quickly checks Bible app

28. One-Year Bible Plan

It’s always the one we dread the most.

29. Water Into Wine

All-time classic joke here.

30. Christmas Time

Wonder if it was rough for Jesus when people we’re like, “Here Jesus. This is for your birthday and Christmas.”

31. The Last Supper

Judas really toe-ing the line.

32. 1 Corinthians 9:22

This is the best one.

33. Eden

He isn’t called the Father of Lies for nothing.

34. The Wise Men

God is a father, so He must like dad jokes.

35. “No Running”

I really want to know the context of that sign being all the way out there.

36. Books of Wisdom

What a way to bring down the mood, huh?

Relatable Christian Memes

These are Christian memes that are super relatable for Christians and people who go to church. These are great to share online or with friends for some laughs. If you’re a believer, a youth pastor, go to church online, or just love Christian jokes you are sure to get these hilarious memes.

37. Eating While Praying

And you feel so guilty too.

38. Generational Differences

Oh how times have changed, huh?

39. Fear

We’ve all definitely felt like this before.

40. Small Group

“It is in vain that you rise up early and go late to rest, eating the bread of anxious toil; for he gives to his beloved sleep.” – Psalm 127:2

41. The Church Hug

Keeping Bible-lengths apart.

42. Veggie Tales

Which one was your favorite? I always liked “The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything”.

43. Marriage

He is the God of the wind and the rain, isn’t he?

44. Putting My Life Back in Order

Happens every few weeks for me, how about you?

45. Jesus and His Disciples

Well if that ain’t the truth.

46. Scrolling Insta

This one’s both funny and convicting, huh?

47. The Brother Zone

I guess it just wasn’t in their plan.

48. Starbucks

Jesus called us to suffer, am I right?

49. Church Merch

The joke is funny and all, but did anyone else notice how weirdly shaped the cross is?

50. Text Conviction

If you can’t say something nice…

51. Uber Arrival

Now I’m just imagining the sky rolling back like a scroll and a Hyundai Elantra descending down.

52. Advice

Father knows best.

53. Kneeling in Adoration

My spirit is ready, but my knees aren’t.

Tips For Keeping Christian Memes Lighthearted and Fun

Memes are a way to bring some laughter to your friends and family. The last thing they are meant to do is offend or cause fights. If you are using the Christian memes on this list, other memes you find online, or making your own, you should be mindful of how to use them.

Especially in the case of Christian memes, it’s possible that others can find jokes about the Bible or church culture to be insulting. Here are ways you can make sure the memes you share are only taken as lighthearted and fun:


Make sure the context is clear. A Christian meme out of context could hurt someone’s faith rather than build it up. Make sure that the audience (whoever you’re showing the meme to) understands what the context is. Why you’re sharing the meme, and how it’s meant to be taken.


Remember who you’re showing it to. Not everyone has the same sense of humor or takes jokes in the same way. Some people take joking about the Bible or church-related things much more seriously than others, so you have to be careful to who you’re showing the memes.


The when very important. A meme can be funny at some times, but inappropriate at others. You want to make sure you are sharing the meme at an appropriate time. A meme on the screen during a funny bit during church announcements is different than a meme on screen when the pastor is trying to make a deep final point.


In general, if you’re hesitant about whether or not the meme will be received correctly, it’s probably better to not share it. If you’re discerning that it may be taken out of context, or may not be found very funny, just wait til later when you feel more sure.

As you’ve seen, these Christian memes are hilarious and relatable. They are jokes and should be presented and received as such. But if the time or audience or context is not right, maybe hold off on showing them til later.

In our chronically online world, it is very easy to hide behind anonymity and our online personas, but we should still act in wisdom and love. If you know sharing a meme, online or in person, would do more hurt than good, it is better not to share it. While it is great to give laughter and bring joy through humor, we also want to make sure we are not offending or hurting anyone.

How to Create Funny Memes

So how can you create funny Christian memes like the ones seen here? Maybe you have certain jokes or images you’ve thought of that you think would make a funny meme. Thankfully, making church memes like the ones on this list is super easy, and doesn’t require any tech-savvy skills.


Some great software programs you can use to make memes are:

  • Canva
  • Photoshop
  • Adobe Express
  • impflip

All you have to do is choose a meme format, upload an image, place some text on the image, and voila, you’ve got a meme! Download it for free and share it anywhere you’d like: on social media, text threads, in person, etc.

When making church memes, it’s essential to understand the tenets of keeping things fun and lighthearted. Make sure the context is clear and you know who your audience is. It doesn’t feel good when you offend or hurt someone with a meme you shared, but it feels even worse if you’re the one who made it.


Additional tips for creating Christian memes include:

  • Keep it super short. It should be able to read at a quick glance.
  • Make sure the font is large and legible. Use default fonts used in other memes, and make sure the text is large enough to be read from far away.
  • The joke should have a visual flow. Poor church memes are those that are formatted in a way that is confusing. Make sure when you glance at the meme, your eyes follow the text and the image in a way that makes the joke come to life.
  • Choose simple, clear images. You can use famous meme images used in many different kinds of memes, or choose your own. If you do, make sure it doesn’t get in the way of the text or have too many things going on in it that it’s unclear what the joke is referring to.

Be creative, and have fun!

Conclusion: Funniest Church Memes

And there you have the 53 funniest Christian memes! We hope these brought you laughter and joy. Feel free to send, share, or use these memes in any way you would like. Maybe these even inspired you to make your own!

Let us know your favorite Christian memes in the comments, or share your own!

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