7 Top Church Management Software Companies

7 Top Church Management Software Companies

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Church management software helps your church with a wide variety of tasks. From accounting to sending out messages to members, the right software makes the church administrator role a little easier.

With so many options to choose from, where should you start? While some companies offer solutions, there are a few that stand out from the rest.

From more competitive pricing to more advanced features, these seven companies offer the best software packages to better manage your church. It’s important to note that pricing varies based on the level of software, features and more.

1. ACS Technologies

ACS Technologies is one of the most popular church management software companies. While they offer tools for more than just church management, their church accounting and management software helps reduce time-consuming tasks and helps churches get more done. Use it via the cloud or on-premises. The company focuses mainly on medium-sized to mega churches. However, small churches could still benefit.

2. PowerChurch

PowerChurch has several different products to choose from, namely PowerChurch Plus and PowerChurch Online. The main difference is Plus is installed on your church’s computers and Online is stored remotely. The Online option is good for churches that may not have the resources to manage the software and necessary hardware. Both help your church manage events, accounting, membership, contributions and general recordkeeping. It’s ideal for churches of all sizes.

3. Servant Keeper

Servant Keeper is one of the more popular church management companies. It’s used by over 30,000 churches. It’s designed to help automate tasks and reduce administrative tasks. The feature that makes it a stand out is how customizable it is. Cater the software to different roles and tasks easily. There is even a cloud-based version to access to your church data from anywhere.

4. ParishSOFT

ParishSOFT is a favorite among Catholic churches, mainly because the software focuses on the unique needs of Catholic churches. The software is designed to help connect church members, handle accounting and provide an overview to help churches stay true to their mission. While it may not be for every church, it’s powerful features are used in over half of all Catholic parishes and dioceses.

5. Church Community Builder

Church Community Builder is a little different than other church management software companies. Instead of focusing mainly on an on-premises option, this company focuses the web first. The web-based software ensures you don’t have to worry about installing or managing anything on-site, which is ideal for small and medium churches that likely don’t have dedicated IT staff. Community comes first with this tool to help you better build your ministry while managing daily tasks at the same time.

6. Seraphim Suite

Seraphim Suite is a set of church management software tools. It includes a management system for administrative tasks and accounting. It includes a special check-in solution for monitoring events. You also have access to their cloud-based data collection solution to better manage data without the need for on-site storage. It even includes your own church app to keep all your members connected at all times. One major benefit is you only pay for what you use, so it’s a perfect option for churches on a strict budget that may not need quite as many features.

7. Shelby Systems

Shelby Systems offers several church management software options, such as the full church management solution, accounting and online giving. The company has over 40 years experience in helping churches take charge of their ministries. Their time-saving tools make daily tasksĀ far more efficient, saving you time to focus on your church family. The cloud-based software is perfect for smaller churches, but the features are powerful enough to work well with much larger churches too.

Church management software is a must for any church. Why spend hours on tedious tasks that software could make easier for you? You have more important things to do, such as ministering to your community.

Looking for more ways to grow your church? Start with a church website to better engage members.

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  1. For others that may want to see an 8th option IconCMO has a church fund accounting system that is FASB compliant. You can check out at http://www.iconcmo.com

    We hope that on the next update to this list IconCMO can be included.

    disclaimer: I work for Icon Systems.

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