Top 5 Best Men’s Bible Studies for Your Small Group

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Looking to level up your small group Bible study game with some solid resources catered to the men? Well, look no further! Whether you’re a seasoned churchgoer or just dipping your toes in the Scripture pool, these top five mens Bible studies are sure to bring the fire and fuel those meaningful conversations.

From digging deep into biblical principles to tackling real-world challenges, these studies are about to take your bro-bonding to a whole new spiritual level.

So grab your coffee, gather the squad, and let’s dive into the best of the best!

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Choosing the Right Bible Study

Lifeway Research

According to Lifeway Research, there are more women attending church than men.

What can we do to deal with this discrepancy? How do we get men to feel more connected to church and church community? A lot of that comes down to men’s small groups.

That means we need to talk about picking the ultimate Bible study for your men’s small group. You want something that’s gonna light a fire under your faith and keep the squad engaged, right? Well, here’s the scoop on how to make that happen without losing your sanity.


First off, think about what your small group is itching for. Are you all about deep theological debates that make your brain hurt, or are you more into practical, real-life applications that hit you right in the gut? Knowing your group’s vibe is key here. You don’t want to bring in a heavy-duty study if your group is just looking for some light spiritual snacks.


Time is money, right? Well, time is also precious when it comes to Bible studies. Some studies are like a leisurely stroll through the park, while others are like running a spiritual marathon.

Consider the time commitment you and the other guys in the group can realistically make. You don’t want to bite off more than you can chew, especially when life’s already throwing a bunch of curveballs your way.

We’ve provided a variety of studies to cover groups with lots of time on their hands, and groups that don’t have much time to meet.


Now, let’s talk about relevance. What’s hitting home for you and the gang right now? Are you facing some tough family stuff, work challenges, or just trying to figure out this crazy thing called life?

Look for a study that speaks to those struggles and triumphs. You want something that’s gonna make you go, “Whoa, that’s exactly what I needed to hear!”

We’ve tried our best to give you a solid rundown of each bible study, but we’re one voice with one perspective. Make sure to dig a little deeper for bible studies you’re interested in. See what others have to say and learn as much as you can about its contents. That’ll help you fully determine if it is relevant to you and your small group today.


Lastly, keep an eye out for that extra something that’s gonna bring the wow factor. Maybe it’s a study that’s got great discussion questions or some cool multimedia elements. Some of the bible studies we’ve included are video bible studies, allowing them to be consumed in more ways than one.

It could even be a study that encourages some healthy friendly competition among the bros. Whatever it is, find that study that’s gonna make your group say, “This is it, this is what we’ve been searching for!”

So, there you have it, gents. Consider your crew’s needs, time commitments, relevance, and that extra oomph, and you’ll be on your way to selecting a Bible study that’s gonna take your men’s group to the next level. Get ready to dive deep and watch those spiritual muscles grow!

5 Best Mens Bible Studies

5 Best Mens Bible Studies

Alright, buckle up because we’re about to unveil the ultimate list of the 5 Best Men’s Bible Studies that are gonna rock your small group’s world! From tearing down walls to building up your faith, these studies are the real deal.

Get ready to dive into some epic discussions, unearth some profound truths, and maybe even shed a tear or two (hey, we won’t judge).

So, grab your favorite study buddy, a fresh notebook, and let’s take a stroll through the top-notch Bible studies that’ll leave you feeling spiritually pumped and ready to conquer the world!

1. Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart

Alright, guys, let’s talk about the Wild at Heart Bible study by John Eldredge. This study is like a spiritual adrenaline shot straight to the heart! Eldredge’s no-nonsense approach delves into what it really means to be a man of God in today’s world.

He’s not afraid to tackle the tough stuff, from those deep-seated fears to the desires that make you feel truly alive. You’ll find yourself nodding along as he digs into the idea of embracing your God-given masculinity without all the fluff and nonsense.

Get ready for some serious soul-searching as you explore the wild terrain of your heart and uncover what it means to live a life of purpose and passion. This study isn’t just about growing your faith; it’s about igniting a fire within you that’ll have you charging into your everyday lives with a newfound sense of courage and conviction.

There are multiple resources to aid you and your small group with this study too. There’s video sessions if that’s what you’re into, as well as a study guide, field guide, and all of it bundled together as one! All of these can be found using the link provided above.

So strap in, boys, and get ready to unleash the wild man within!

2. Stand Strong

Stand Strong

Let’s take a look at the Stand Strong: 365 Devotions for Men from Our Daily Bread Ministries. This one’s like having a daily dose of spiritual encouragement served up just for you! With relatable stories and down-to-earth wisdom, these devotions speak straight to life’s challenges and victories you face every day.

It’s not just about fluffy feel-good stuff; it’s about real talk that hits you right where it matters. From grappling with tough decisions to celebrating those small wins, these devotions are here to remind you that you’re not alone in this journey.

So, whether you’re sipping your morning coffee or winding down after a long day, these devotions are gonna give you that extra boost you need to stand strong in your faith, your relationships, and every aspect of your life.

This devotion is perfect for a group that meets every day (or almost every day), or a group that wants to commit each member to doing a devotion every day, even if they only meet about once a week.

Get ready to be inspired and empowered, one day at a time!

3. Kingdom Man

Kingdom Man

It’s time to dive into the Kingdom Man Bible study by Tony Evans. This one’s all about stepping up and owning your role as Christian men in God’s kingdom. Evans doesn’t hold back as he breaks down what it means to lead with strength, integrity, and purpose.

From your relationships to your work and everything in between, this study is packed with practical advice and biblical insights that’ll have you nodding your head in agreement and taking notes like there’s no tomorrow.

Evans doesn’t just preach; he’s your wingman, cheering you on as you navigate the highs and lows of life. Get ready to roll up your sleeves and embrace your calling as a man who’s making an impact in his family, community, and beyond.

This study isn’t just about being a good guy; it’s about being a kingdom man, standing tall and strong in your faith and purpose. So, buckle up, lads, and get ready to step into your true identity as a man of God’s kingdom!

4. The Bible in 52 Weeks for Men

The Bible in 52 Weeks for Men

Let’s talk about The Bible in 52 Weeks for Men: A Yearlong Bible Study by Josh Laxton. This study is like a roadmap for your spiritual journey, guiding you through the ins and outs of Scripture without making you feel like you’re drowning in theological jargon.

Laxton’s approach is all about making the Bible accessible and relevant, so you can dive in without feeling overwhelmed. With weekly readings and thought-provoking questions, you’ll find yourself uncovering some hidden gems in the Good Book that you might have missed before.

It’s not just about checking off boxes; it’s about taking that intentional step toward deepening your faith and understanding of God’s Word. So, whether you’re a seasoned Bible reader or just starting out, this study is gonna take you on a meaningful adventure through the Bible, one week at a time.

This one is perfect for groups whose specific focus is to get deep into the Word of God. This is focused more on reading the Bible than following a lesson plan. It is also geared toward a more experienced men’s group, where most men in the group are already biblically proficient.

5. The 5-Minute Bible Study for Men

The 5-Minute Bible Study for Men

Let’s take a quick dive into The 5-Minute Bible Study for Men by David Sanford. This study is like your trusty spiritual power-up, giving you that extra boost of faith and wisdom in just five minutes a day.

Sanford’s approach is all about making the most of your precious time without skimping on the good stuff. With bite-sized nuggets of biblical truth and practical application, you’ll find yourself fitting some solid soul food into even the busiest of schedules.

It’s not about overwhelming you with heavy theological concepts; it’s about giving you that quick dose of inspiration and encouragement to tackle your day with a solid foundation of faith. So, whether you’re on your morning commute or squeezing in a break at work, this study is gonna keep you connected to God’s Word and grounded in your faith, one short and sweet session at a time.

This is perfect for a group with limited time on their hands. If you or the other men in your group are constantly finding it difficult to meet for extended periods, don’t stress yourselves! Pick a shorter bible study like this one to help you on the way.

Get ready to amp up your spiritual game, even in just five minutes!

Running a Mens Bible Study

Running a Mens Bible Study

It’s time to talk about some solid tips and tricks for running a men’s Bible study that’ll have your group fired up and ready for more.


First things first, keep it real. You want this study to be a place where the guys can open up, share their thoughts, and maybe even their struggles without feeling judged. So, create an atmosphere of trust and brotherhood right from the get-go.


Next up, spice things up! Don’t be afraid to mix in some variety. Maybe throw in a video session now and then, or switch up the meeting spot from someone’s living room to a local coffee joint. Keeping things fresh and exciting will keep the guys engaged and eager to come back for more.


Now, let’s talk snacks. Yeah, you heard me right. Snacks can make or break a good Bible study session. So, make sure you’ve got some solid munchies on deck. Whether it’s a classic chips and dip combo or some healthy fruit platters, food has this magical way of bringing people together, and it’s a great way to kick off some meaningful conversations.


Don’t forget to stay organized, too. Set up a schedule and stick to it. You want to respect everyone’s time, so make sure you’re starting and ending your sessions on time. Keep the discussion focused, but don’t be afraid to let it flow naturally. Sometimes the best conversations happen when you’re not sticking strictly to the script.


Last but not least, be open to feedback. Your group’s input is gold, so listen to what they’re saying and be ready to adapt and adjust as needed. This isn’t just your study; it’s a collective journey toward spiritual growth and camaraderie. So, take these tips, run with them, and get ready to lead your group to some incredible spiritual highs!

Men’s Bible Studies

Men's Bible Studies

So, there you have it, guys! Armed with these tips and a solid understanding of some top-notch men’s Bible studies, you’re all set to take your small group to the next level. Remember, it’s not just about the knowledge you gain, but the bonds you build and the support you offer one another along the way.

Keep the conversations flowing, the snacks coming, and the faith growing. Get ready to dive deep, laugh hard, and support each other through this incredible journey of faith and brotherhood. Here’s to many more powerful discussions and life-changing revelations in the days ahead.

Keep the faith strong, and keep those Bible studies rockin’!

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