The Anatomy of a Google Search And How Your Church Can Be More Visible

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In today’s episode, we unpack the anatomy of a Google search for churches. 

There are many parts to a search, and knowing how they are different will give you a leg up in making sure your church is found online. 

Join us as we discuss some of these differences and where your church needs to focus if you want to be seen and see more visitors. 

The Ads

The first thing you will see on most Google searches are the ads. These are marked with a small bold “Ad” right beside the web address. These are reserved for organizations that pay to play. Ads in google searches can cost anywhere from a few cents per click to over $50. The most expensive keyword as of 2017 was “Bail Bonds” at $58 per click. 

The good news is that most churches are eligible for the Google Grant, which gives ministries $10,000 each month to spend on these ads. The program is free, and we have seen it make a massive impact for churches that can take full advantage. 

But utilizing the grant is not for the faint of heart. Very few church leaders have the skill set to pull it off. If you are looking for help managing the Google Grant, we have a program just for you. 

The Map Pack

The second set of results in a typical Google search is called the map pack. These results are shown when Google determines that the searcher is looking for local results. Typically it is displayed with a map, and the top three results on that map are highlighted. 

Your church needs to rank in the map pack, preferably in the top three. This is the primary way that people will find you.  

Many factors determine where you rank in the map pack. The three primary factors are the quality of your GMB (Google My Business) Profile, The number and quality of online citations you have, and the number and quality of reviews.

Local SEO can be hard to manage on your own, so REACHRIGHT offers a service to help you rank the right way. 

The Organic Results

The final part of an online search are the organic results. You will find these after the ads and the map pack, about halfway down the page in most cases. Ten results are displayed per page.

These results use a combination of dozens of factors to determine the order that search results are displayed. There is no shortage of strategies to get your church to show up here. The best advice we can give you is to remember that content is king. 

If you consistently produce good quality content that people like to view and share with others, you will see results in this area. 

Most churches already make content week in and week out. We call them sermons and don’t always think of them as content. If you take the time to add sermons to your site and focus on SEO, your church may be able to improve your ranking. 

The Anatomy of a Google Search And How Your Church Can Be More Visible

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