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Understanding How to Attract Gen Z to Church

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In episode 141, we tackle how to attract Gen Z to church, which all starts with knowing and understanding this generation. Gen Z is defined as those born from 1999 to 2015. That means the oldest members have entered adulthood.

If your church is going to attract Gen Z, you need to know how to get in contact with them, what they value, and what their pain points are. Let’s dive in!


[0:00] Intro: Who is Gen Z?

[2:40] What are Gen Z attitudes towards faith?

[4:35] How does Gen Z communicate?

[6:41] What social media platforms does Gen Z prefer?

[8:16] What does Gen Z value at work?

[9:30] What are the biggest stressors and pain points for Gen Z?

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Understanding How to Attract Gen Z to Church

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