How Your Church Can Avoid The Summer Slump And Keep People Engaged

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The sun-soaked days of summer may mean family barbecues and beach trips for many, but for church leaders, it often translates to one thing: the dreaded “summer slump.” It’s that challenging season where Sunday services can start to feel like ghost towns as members swap pews for poolside loungers. However, it’s time to challenge the assumption that the summer slump is inevitable.

There’s no denying the impact of the summer slump – the dip in attendance and engagement is a reality for many churches. But imagine if there was a way to flip the script? What if, instead of a downturn, summer became a season of growth and revival for your congregation? As an optimist who loves a good challenge, I believe it’s entirely possible.

In this conversation, we’re not just going to talk about the summer slump, we’re going to dissect it, understand it, and then, most importantly, conquer it. I’m here to share proven strategies and fresh insights that will help your church turn the tide this summer. It’s time to transform the summer slump from a threat into an opportunity. So, buckle up and get ready for a vibrant summer for your congregation!

Question of the Week – Summer Slump

So, we typically see a dip in attendance during the summer months. Could you share some strategies for keeping our congregation engaged and connected, even when they’re not able to physically attend services?

Online Sermons/Live Streaming

Digital is the new normal, and your congregation’s engagement shouldn’t be disrupted by distance or summer plans. Enter online sermons and live streaming – the perfect antidote to the summer slump. By making your sermons available online, you’re allowing your church members to stay connected, no matter where their summer adventures take them. It’s about meeting people where they are and making the Word accessible to everyone.

Digital Bible Studies/Groups

Just because summer arrives doesn’t mean the spiritual growth of your congregation has to go on a hiatus. That’s where digital Bible studies or small group meetings come in handy. With platforms like Zoom or Google Meet, you can maintain that sense of community and fellowship, even when the church halls may seem quieter. It’s about ensuring that connection and spiritual growth are never on a summer break.

Email Newsletter

Email isn’t dead. In fact, it’s one of the most powerful tools at your disposal to keep church members updated and engaged. Through thoughtful, engaging content, weekly updates, and interactive elements like polls or questions, your email newsletters can create a sense of ongoing connection. It’s your way of whispering into the inbox of your congregation, reminding them that their church community is just a click away.

Social Media Engagement

Social media isn’t just for sharing vacation snaps. It can be a powerful tool to maintain engagement during the summer slump. Through regular, engaging content such as sermon snippets, testimonies, Bible verses, and more, your church can encourage ongoing dialogue and connection. It’s about harnessing the power of digital to keep the spark of your church community alive all summer long.

Online Giving

Let’s face it, while spiritual health is a priority, maintaining financial health is also crucial for the functioning of the church. That’s where online giving steps in. By facilitating a seamless, secure online giving process, you can ensure that supporting the church’s mission is always possible, no matter where your members may be. It’s about making stewardship a year-round practice, regardless of the season.


Who doesn’t love a good podcast or a compelling blog? By offering deeper dives into topics of faith, behind-the-scenes stories, or even hosting conversations on current events from a Christian perspective, you’re providing additional resources for engagement. It’s not just about keeping your congregation involved; it’s about enriching their faith journey in fresh, accessible ways.

Summer Specific Programs

And of course, who could forget summer specific programs like Vacation Bible School or mission trips? Even if not everyone can attend, they will love to follow along with updates or support these endeavors in other ways. Highlighting these programs not only keeps the energy high but also provides a reminder of the meaningful work your church is doing. It’s about turning the so-called ‘slump’ into a season of special opportunities and shared stories.

Beating The Summer Slump

As we roll out the digital welcome mat, remember that the aim isn’t just to navigate the “summer slump,” but to transform it into a season of vibrant engagement and spiritual growth. With these strategies at our fingertips, we’re not just counteracting the downturn but actively creating opportunities for our church communities to stay connected, grow, and flourish, irrespective of where they spend their summer.

It all comes down to this: summer shouldn’t be a time of disconnection and spiritual dryness. Instead, it can be a season of creative connection, rekindled spiritual growth, and strengthened relationships within our congregation. As we harness the power of digital platforms and innovative programs, we can turn the summer slump from a time of lack to a period of plenty, full of enriching experiences for our church community.

So, let’s take on this summer with a renewed spirit and a strategic approach. The ‘summer slump’? It’s not in our church’s dictionary. Let’s make this a summer of abundance, a season of continued connection, and a time of spiritual growth. This is our summer mission: turn the slump into a surge, transforming the challenging season into a thriving one for our congregation.

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How Your Church Can Avoid The Summer Slump And Keep People Engaged

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