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Why Your Nonprofit Needs To Know About The Google Ad Grant

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You want to market your church, but you may not know how. You’ve created a website, but traffic isn’t great.

You’re using Facebook, but Facebook limits your free reach. You’d love to buy ads to reach more people, but that just costs too much.

The solution is one you may have never heard of – Google Ad Grants. If your church is eligible, your could market your church to millions every day for free.

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Not Another Expensive Cost

You read that right – it’s free to market your church with Google Ad Grants. You know those Google ads you see when you search? That’s where your ads could appear too. While grant ads appear below paying ads, they still appear above search results.

The best part is the only investment is time. However, it’s easier to invest your time than try to increase giving enough to market your church. Even if you only have 50 member, you get the same budget as large churches.

Valuable Marketing For All Nonprofits

Eligible nonprofits receive $10,000 in free advertising every month. Whether you’re a relatively new church that few have heard of or a global online church, you can apply. It’s important to note that this is monthly amount for as long as your church maintains eligibility.

Eligibility Is Easy

Sometimes grants are complicated to get, but don’t give up just yet. Google Ad Grants are easy to apply for. Eligibility isn’t difficult to meet either. For full details, see our write up on how to ensure your church is eligible to apply. You could apply today and start reaching millions within a few months.

With something that easy to start, it’s a program your church needs to know about.

Effective For Most Goals

Digital marketing is ideal for most any church goals. You’re able to create different Google Ad campaigns for various goals and multiple types of ads for each. A few goals might include:

  • Boosting online giving by reaching out far beyond just your members
  • Offering live streaming services to people around the world
  • Encourage more faith-based conversations
  • Drive more traffic to your website
  • Increase membership
  • Increase event attendance
  • Hold special online events
  • Increase volunteers locally and globally
  • Simply provide faith-based content to a much larger audience

As long as you are a valid charity organization and don’t practice hate or discrimination, Google allows you to market your church for most any charitable goal.

While Google doesn’t have any churches featured as success stories, numerous nonprofits are listed. They explain why and how they use Google Ad Grants. Of course, if you started using the program and find success, submit your story to help inspire other churches to do the same.

Church Marketing Is A Must

Still not convinced this is a program your church needs to know about? Church marketing is important to growth. In the digital age, online marketing is crucial.

For instance, one church focused on Facebook ads to market themselves and grew to over 250, 000 likes. This is 250,000 people the church reaches on a regular basis. Their budget was $5 per day, which equates to $150 to $155 per month. With the Google Ad Grants program, you get $10,000 per month for free to advertise to more users than Facebook has. Imagine what type of results you could get with that budget.

Radiant Church in Colorado Springs used Google Ads to boost their visibility. Within two years, first time visitors that found the church online increased by 25%. Google Ads help your church get found.

This program is important for you to know about because you get all the benefits of an expensive marketing campaign usually reserved for mega-churches for free. Yes, you’ll have to spend time learning how to create campaigns, formulate ad copy, use keywords and all the technical details, but you’ll experience growth in new ways.

Google Ad Grants can be your church’s best friend, but what’s even better is having a team with the knowledge to help you make the most of them. Learn how we’re here to help your church.

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