Top 25 Hilarious Christian Comedians That Bring the Laughter

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There’s no doubt that today’s Christian comedy scene features some great talent with enough funny material to keep even the toughest audience in stitches. What makes Christian comedy funny? The quickest and laziest route to a laugh is the dirty joke. Much more skill, however, is required to produce laughs with clean jokes. The Christian comedian connects with their audience and makes them see familiar things from different perspectives, making it impossible not to laugh.

Whether you want to show certain comedy videos from Christian comedians during a Sunday service or event. Or perhaps you are thinking about inviting a Christian comedian to an event you’re having. You know your church members better than anyone!

Check out these hilarious Christian comedians, from their stand up shows to a skit at a church. We hope you find some laughter to brighten your day.

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1. Ted Cunningham

Join pastor and comedian Ted Cunningham as he explores how to put the fun back into your marriage. Pastor Ted will give you a workout of laughter with plenty of roaring moments. This is a “Date Night” you won’t soon forget!

2. Nate Bargatze

Nate Bargatze’s comedy draws heavily from life with his family, which has fueled two hit Netflix specials — 2019’s The Tennessee Kid, 2021’s Grammy nominated The Great Average American and 2023’s Amazon Prime Video special Hello World. Earlier this year in an interview with Fox Digital, Bargatze said he chose to be a clean comedian because he was raised in a Christian household and doesn’t want to disappoint his parents.

I just can’t imagine cursing in front of my parents,” he said to Fox News. “I still just couldn’t do that. So that’s how I write. I think I write my comedy to — a lot of it is to — make my parents laugh. I want them to be proud and be like, ‘Oh, come watch my son do comedy,’ and not be offended by it.” He continued, “I just don’t have that in me to want to offend someone or make someone feel bad.” In April 2023, he set the attendance record at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena by drawing 19,365 attendees.

3. Jason Earls

Comedian Jason Earls will bring you to tears laughing at his stories of being a husband while raising six kids. Jason’s blend of physical comedy and storytelling will have you laughing all night long! He labels himself as a “non-toxic” comic, guaranteed to secure a laugh without vulgarity.

4. Anita Renfroe

Anita Renfroe is one of those funny comedians who uses self-deprecating humor in a way that makes her audience relax. Although she is well-known, she does not come across as a self-important celebrity. Renfroe pokes fun at the trials of womanhood and does it very well. She is an upbeat and funny Christian artist.

5. Taylor Mason

No list of clean comedians is complete without the name Taylor Mason. We’ve all seen ventriloquists like Terry Fator and Jeff Dunham before, but Taylor brings his unique clean style to the stage with a veritable menagerie of puppets. He is a ventriloquist who uses audience participation is a very uncommon way. It takes a certain level of skill to coordinate the timing of the material and manage the puppets. Taylor’s show is great for adults and kids, too given the puppet aspect of his show. However, if you go to a show, don’t be surprised if you have an opportunity to be on stage.

6. John Branyan’s Clean Comedy

John Branyan uses his crazy antics to dive into real-life stories. He has jokes about church people and couples alike. John will send you off with one of the most creative tellings of the “Three Little Pigs” you’ve ever seen or heard.

7. Paul Harris

Growing up, Paul Harris didn’t have fancy dating websites; in his time, people had to court the old-fashioned way. His stories and style will have you repeating his jokes for days and weeks to come. This is not your normal “Date Night.”

8. Tim Hawkins

Tim Hawkins is another Christian entertainer, who has been on the circuit for a while. He is known for his incredible facial expressions, hilarious antics, and surprising ways he treats everyday events to result in his comedy material. You will laugh or even cry at this man’s performance. Make sure you catch Tim in a live comedy concert or watch his entertainment that is fit for the whole family at home.

9. Sinbad

Comedy icon Sinbad grew up in a religious household as his dad was a minister. It seems he’s carried these values and experiences with him into his adult life, as Sinbad hosts stand-up specials that you can enjoy with your whole family. You may know him from popular films from the 90’s, so buckle in for a hilarious time!

10. Leland Klassen

Leland Klassen is known as “Canada’s premier clean comedian” — a man who doesn’t sacrifice his values for the sake of making people laugh. According to his bio, Klassen “decided right from the beginning that he would remain clean despite what everyone else was doing.” Among his many projects is the show “Leland Klassen’s Comedy Tournament.” It includes one veteran comedian, 27 rookies, 20 cities, six finalists. Add them all up and you have the world’s first Christian comedy reality show with one winner.

11. Michael Jr.: Another of the Best Christian Comedians

Michael Jr. is a fantastic option for clean comedians to follow. His clean comedy and Christian comedy will leave you and your family roaring. According to his bio, Michael Jr. “brings laughter and understanding to audiences all over the world.” In addition to his well-known Christian comedy, he’s one of the religious comedians who goes above and beyond, performing in prisons and homeless shelters.

12. Chonda Pierce

Beloved Christian comedian and legend Chonda Pierce has “channeled her life experiences into positivity” and has brought joy to audiences across America. Pierce, a female Christian comedian who has had a wildly successful career in the industry, has produced several stand up routines that you can stream right now on

Whether she’s tackling fear in “Be Afraid,” sharing her quirky view of life’s awkward moments in “Four-Eyed Blonde,” or sharing some of her funniest stories in “Have I Got a Story For You,” Chonda will have you laughing until you cry!

13. Kenn Kington

Kenn Kington is a widely sought-after Christian comedian who hosts “Ultimate Date Night” events to help couples learn and grow. His motivational and inspiring style brings a unique twist to Christian stand-up comedy. He has comedy specials on Netflix and Comedy Central.

14. Clayburn Cox

Clayburn Cox is a Southern deadpan comedian with an offbeat delivery and stage presence. He promises clean family fun and has a passion for the gospel.

15. Will McDaniel

Christian comedian Will McDaniel has been offering audiences family-friendly and faith-inspired comedy for more than a decade! He is one of the many funny religious comedians worth checking out. While much of the comedy out there isn’t safe for the whole family, McDaniel’s mission is “to build bridges and to restore joy” — an effort to transform lives through comedy. He’s big on laughs, big on comedy, and big on faith.

16. Henry Cho

A native of Knoxville, TN, Henry Cho has opened concerts for Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith and other artists, as well as performed on The Tonight Show, The Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Huckabee and other major talk shows. He has also appeared in numerous films and television shows and can be heard regularly on Sirius XM radio. Cho’s comedy special, What’s That Clickin’ Noise, aired on Comedy Central and Netflix. He’s also heard daily on Pandora and Blue Collar Radio. Sometimes referred to as “Mr. Clean,” in 2023, Cho was inducted into the Grand Ole Opry, an honor that hadn’t been bestowed on a comedian since 1973.

17. Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen is among one of the most popular funny religious comedians. He’s been performing Christian stand-up comedy for more than four decades and is a highly sought-after talent. This clean comedian “drives home the humor in everyday family life and the joy derived from a healthy marriage,” according to his website.

18. Thor Ramsey

Thor Ramsey has performed his brand of Christian comedy throughout the country since 1987. He got his start in comedy in Des Moines and Chicago and later moved to California. This Christian comedian starred in the popular DVD series Thou Shalt Laugh and has written three books including The Most Encouraging Book on Hell.

Thor Ramsey has produced and acted in a number of short films, such as 2012 short How I Met My Father and 2013 short The Accidental Proposal. He has also acted in short films such as Hang Town and Skip Listening. Ramsey’s brand of comedy has been captured on a live recording from The Clean Stand Up Comedy Tour and episodes of the Bananas DVD comedy series.

19. Brad Stine

Brad Stine reminds us that knocking over tables and chasing people with a whip is occasionally an acceptable answer to the question “What would Jesus do?” Brad is a proud Christian, who will remind you that violating “political correctness” isn’t necessarily a sin. Watch him skewer busybodies and feel better.

20. David Dean

David Dean describes himself as a “clean comedian” and lives up to the billing. His comedy deals with the idiosyncrasies of Christian living – marriage, parenting, and church life all provide the basis of his material. His quick wit and interaction with the audience make him a favorite of Christian groups around the country.

21. Austin and Colin

This talented duo first became friends in Cincinnati when Austin heard Colin’s music and reached out to him about working together. They moved to Nashville where the joys and challenges of living in Music City provided fodder for the hilarious song “Welcome to Nashville,” a viral hit with over six million views that has since spawned “Welcome to Nashville Part 2” and Part 3.

The sequels were as enthusiastically received as the original, as the duo continue to chronicle Nashville’s explosive growth and the impact on the city. Austin and Colin recently signed a deal with BMG/BBR Music Group (home to popular artists Lainey Wilson, Jelly Roll and Jason Aldean) and just released a video for “Guilt Tippin,’” a clever look at how tipping has changed in the wake of the pandemic.

22. Ron Pearson

Juggler comedian Ron Pearson is a clean act with a World Record under his belt, achieving a record for juggling at the age of 15. His comedy act earned him a nomination for “Corporate Comedian of the Year” and has had an array of guest-starring roles and performances for shows like “That 70s Show,” “The George Lopez Show,” “Boston Legal,” “Chelsea Handler” and “The Late Late Show.”

23. Anjelah Johnson

A native of San Jose, CA, Anjelah Johnson is a former NFL cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders turned actress/comedian. She was previously a cast member on MADtv, which earned her an ALMA Award nomination for Outstanding Female Performance in a Comedy Television Series. She’s had several comedy specials on Netflix, including Homecoming Show, which was filmed in her hometown San Jose.

She’s married to Christian rapper Manwell Reyes, and their union has fueled many of her standup routines as she’s shared hilarious tidbits about their honeymoon trip to St. Lucia and their experience buying their first home. Johnson became a first-time mom in June of 2023, so it’s a sure bet her baby girl will be informing future material.

24. Max Winfrey

Stunt comedian Max Winfrey’s antics won him an appearance as a semifinalist on the hit NBC reality show “America’s Got Talent” in 2010. His act includes daring stunts like knife throwing that requires audience participation! In addition to the church and corporate events, Max has performed as a headliner for both Royal Caribbean and Disney Cruise lines. His act is very interactive and engages audiences of all ages.

25. Bob Cates

Juggling stuntman Bob Cates is a favorite performer for functions and parties in Canada. As a Canadian Juggling Champion, Bob delights audiences with his amazing stunts. Included in his act are wild juggling performances, balancing acts with a unicycle, and even a shocking grand finale where he spins 22 plates. Bob was also nominated in 2006 and 2007 for “Best One Man Show” for the Canadian Comedy Awards.

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