19 Easter Ideas for Churches That Make it Easy To Invite

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Your church has the opportunity to reach more people on Easter weekend than any other point in the year, so it’s time to get ready with some fresh Easter ideas. You want to ensure that people can easily find your church, and equip your members to invite their friends, neighbors, and co-workers to Easter.

According to Pew Research, more Americans do a Google search for “church” at Easter than any other time of year. Since people are searching online, a strong digital presence is essential for churches. Using a combination of digital marketing and traditional outreach methods gives churches the opportunity to spread the gospel, and bring people into life-giving community.

As you prepare for Easter, remember this is more than just another Sunday. Use these 19 Easter ideas to spark creativity, reach people through digital marketing, and have an impactful Easter service.

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1. Fresh Branding

Having a new aesthetic and fresh look for Easter can help attract attention. You can utilize the design in your marketing materials, stage production, and service elements. Remember that if you don’t have a designated graphic designer on staff, plenty of free and premium resources for church graphics are available.

Easter can be an ideal time to launch a new brand for your church or refresh an existing one.  Or, the branding could be related to your sermon series content. The branding could be tied into an extended sermon series either leading up to or following Easter. This helps you build more long-lasting momentum around the Easter weekend.

2. Easter Landing Page

A landing page is a single page on your website dedicated to a specific purpose. In this case: Easter! An Easter landing page keeps your information organized. It gives your members an easy place to go for service info and send people they’re inviting.

Before the big weekend, the Easter landing page can help you increase engagement and gather leads, allowing you to grow your community and find out more about who is coming to church. You can also store resources and follow up information on the landing page, such as

  • Sermon notes
  • YouTube videos
  • Devotionals or resources
  • Next steps for connecting to the church
  • Upcoming events

Also, be sure to optimize this page for local SEO, using keyword phrases that incorporate your city and location. Think about appealing to people who will be searching for terms like “Easter services near me” or “Easter church services in ____(insert your city).”

3. Easter Hashtag

Create a hashtag for Easter at your church and use it in your marketing materials and social media. This is another opportunity to gather leads and create engagement by asking people to share what they’re doing on Easter with the custom hashtag.

Hashtags are a fun way to get everyone in your church involved. You can also gather all your hashtagged posts to one place, like Pinterest or Instagram, for an easy way of tracking what’s happening at church. Remember to keep it simple to avoid typos and clear enough that people understand what it means.

4. Easy Invitations

Make it easy for your members to invite people to church on Easter. In the weeks leading up to Easter, you can encourage members to grab posters, flyers, and invite cards to hand out. Don’t forget to include the landing page URL and hashtag in all your print and digital advertising.

Another idea is to supply digital resources to your members, like graphic invites. Give simple scripts for in-person, email, or text invites that members can copy and paste. You can also share Easter invite social media graphics that people can post on their favorite social media platforms and tag their friends.

5. Neighborhood Invites

Invite your neighbors to join you in celebrating Easter. Easter door hangers, yard signs with information about weekend services, and Easter baskets with little goodies and an invitation card are just a few examples of how to get the word out and warmly invite neighbors to church.

6. Community Outreach

This is a good time of year to think about your community helpers and organizations. Handing out Easter baskets, lilies, or other goodies or sponsoring a breakfast are all ways to show appreciation. Teachers, medical professionals, first responders, and local businesses are all good candidates for an Easter gift.

Although the point of this is to simply serve and express thanks, you should also include information about your Easter services. People are waiting for an invitation!

7. Easter Service Project

What about a service project tied to the Easter season? This can be beneficial in many ways, and represents the spirit of loving sacrifice we seek to live out. Everyone loves egg hunts, and perhaps you can provide one somewhere in your community where there is a need or lack of resources. You could partner with a local school or nonprofit for an Easter event, picnic, or another service outreach opportunity.

8. Egg Hunts

Speaking of egg hunts, we’re all familiar with this tradition, but could you brainstorm creative Easter ideas to put a unique twist on the event? In addition to a mad scramble for candy, eggs can be part of various games, scavenger hunts, and contain special high-value prizes.

Timing of your egg hunt can also be strategic. Hosting an egg hunt in the community, or partnering with a community event, prior to Easter provides a good opportunity to invite to Easter services.

Having an egg hunt on Easter weekend itself can also be a draw for families with kids to attend service. In addition to candy and small toys, egg hunts can include lawn games, obstacle courses, petting zoos, or other Easter-themed activities.

9. Digital Advertising

You should consider advertising online if you have budget dollars for Easter marketing. People spend much of their life online these days. While traditional advertising methods like mailers, radio, and billboards can still be effective, unfortunately they can also be expensive.

Digital advertising is a great way to expand your reach cost-effectively. Easter ideas for marketing could include google ads, social media ads, or digital banners in local email newsletters or websites. Read more about different types of social media and digital advertising here.

10. Preparing Hearts and Minds

Many rich traditions are connected to resurrection Sunday. Some denominations (and nondenominational churches) emphasize the preparation time leading up to Easter. People aren’t just looking for a flashy service. They also want to learn, develop, and experience personal spiritual growth. Easter ideas for your church to prepare spiritually in the weeks leading up to the holiday include:

  • A special prayer calendar
  • A Lenten or Easter devotional
  • Some form of fasting
  • A focus on Holy Week and events that took place leading up to Easter Sunday

You can house these resources on your Easter landing page, and distribute them in social media content.

11. Special Service Times

Easter is a great opportunity to add additional services to your regular schedule. Easter ideas for church service times include a mid-week service, an evening service on Good Friday or Saturday, or a sunrise service early on Easter morning.

12. Welcome Experience

First impressions are everything! What do people experience from the moment they drive onto your church parking lot? Can they clearly navigate where to park and how to enter the building? Is there a greeter or welcome station where people can get information?

Consider whether the setting and experience are consistent with your marketing and branding. For example your signage can reflect Easter branding, or your volunteers can wear shirts bearing the Easter message. However, remember the most important factor is a friendly smile and human connection. Make sure you have plenty of volunteers available to make the guest experience great.

13. Children’s Ministry Easter Ideas

Your children’s ministry is absolutely vital for a great weekend experience. Safety is the number one priority from a parent’s perspective. With big crowds at Easter, you need to ensure there are plenty of kid’s ministry volunteers. Also, think about ways you may need to adjust your check-in and check-out logistics to accommodate more families.

On the other hand, the kids are looking for a fun factor. So in the weeks leading up to Easter, give them a sneak peek of what to expect. This will get them excited and encourage them to invite their friends. You don’t necessarily need to spend lots of budget dollars, but some Easter ideas for children’s service elements include:

  • Decorations
  • Interactive plays sharing the message of Easter
  • Outdoor activities such as a bounce house
  • Special musical guests
  • Dressed up characters for entertaining and picture taking
  • Easter-themed games or treats

14. Easter Service Elements

For your church’s Easter service, you’ll probably have people who have never attended church or don’t come regularly. How can you include elements that make the timeless message of Easter come alive for a contemporary audience?

Consider how you can combine foundational truth and beloved traditions with modern methods. This may be accomplished in a variety of ways, including:

  • Musical guests or special musical features
  • Special stage design
  • Baptism or communion
  • Live or video-based creative storytelling elements
  • Custom graphics and video clips throughout the service

15. Live Stream Your Easter Service

Remember that there are people who can’t be at your Easter service for one reason or another. For example, they may be out of town, have a medical condition that prohibits attendance, or have other reasons for needing to watch from home. Live streaming church services is here to stay. In today’s world, people expect you to provide an online church option. Make sure to consider both online and in-room audiences as you prepare service elements.

16. Photo Opportunities

When everyone dresses up in their Easter best, it makes for the perfect photo opporutunity. We know church photo booths aren’t new, but they sure are effective. People (especially moms) love taking themed family photos on special occasions.

Subtly incorporate your church branding or name into the photo setup, and encourage people to use the hashtags you came up with as part of your Easter ideas. Then, when people post their photos online (as they’re sure to do), it will help spread the word about your church.

Another approach is to invite photographers and families to take photos at your church in the weeks before and after Easter. You can use an outdoor setting, mural, or photo display or open the doors during certain times to use an indoor display. Search Pinterest or Instagram for creative Easter ideas for photo backdrops.

17. Water Baptisms

Easter is the perfect time for water baptism. Baptism is a symbol of resurrection and new life, which is the Easter message. People have the opportunity to invite their friends and family not only to a special service, but also to a significant milestone in their faith journey.

18. Giveaways and Goodies

Every great celebration includes treats and gifts. Also, providing a giveaway after service gives people a reason to linger and connect with others. While food, coffee, and dessert are always popular, you could also consider handing out a physical gift people can take home. Or, give out a card that can be scanned for a digital resource or download.

19. Follow Up

The ultimate goal is not to set attendance records on Easter Sunday. Rather, it’s to see people commit their lives to Jesus and follow Him every day. So be sure to plan a follow-up for people who make this commitment for the first time or would like to connect more with your church.

Be sure to use a church visitor card to gather contact info for follow-up. After Easter, send an email with resources to help them in their faith journey. These could include:

  • A replay of the service
  • Links to videos or articles
  • Invitation to a small group or connection class
  • Info about upcoming events and gatherings

What Easter Ideas Do You Have to Share?

Easter is a time of year when pastors and churches can reach out to their communities in unique and meaningful ways. By using some of these Easter ideas for marketing and service flow, you can create an inviting atmosphere for your Easter service and follow up with new members. What have you done in the past to create unforgettable Easter services? Comment below and let us know!

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