Six Ways Your Church Should Be Using Spotify

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One of the most popular apps in the world is Spotify.

Most of your church probably uses it.

But in our experience, most churches do not use Spotify. And that’s a shame because Spotify presents a significant opportunity for your church.

Here are six ways that your church can be using the Spotify app

Preview Worship Songs For Visitors

Music is an essential part of every worship service. Visitors would love to get a taste of the music your church might play before they show up for a service.  

Spotify is a great way to give them a sample. You can build a custom playlist with your current worship songs. Spotify provides embed codes to put the player right onto your website. 

Have A Shared Worship Ideas Playlist

Every healthy worship team should have a plan to add new songs to their repertoire regularly. Spotify can make this easy. 

Create a shared playlist where worship team members and staff can add songs. 

People can share the songs that speak to them, and this playlist can let everyone on the team start to consider a new piece. 

Create A What Were Listening To Playlist

People might be interested to know what your leaders are listening to in their free time. You can create a playlist highlighting some of those songs, podcasts, or other sermons. 

People love to connect with others who have the same taste in music. A playlist like this might help you build stronger connections within your church family. 

Submit Your Podcast

Spotify is now the most widely used podcast player. In 2021, they passed Apple to take the top spot.  

Yet so many people don’t even think of Spotify when submitting their podcast. 

Turn your weekly sermons into a podcast, or better yet, make unique content. Submit this to Spotify, and you will reach an even larger audience. 

Broadcast Your Video Sermons

Spotify is also a top-rated channel for video. Many of us think audio first, but Spotify is becoming a major player in streaming video. 

You are already doing the hard work of preaching and creating the video. The easy part is uploading the video to Spotify to expand your reach. 

Create a Pre and Post Service Playlist

The musing you play before and after service can play an enormous part in someone’s experience at your church. 

If people are familiar with the music, it may help them become ready to encounter God. 

You can use Spotify to create those playlists. Plan on having a few dozen songs on there and keep shuffle mode on to make sure each week feels different. 

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Six Ways Your Church Should Be Using Spotify

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  1. This was amazing. I have Spotify premium, but I never thought to put our videos on Spotify. This was great. We just started lived streaming because we don’t always have access to our church due to COVID-19.

    How do I turn my message into Podcast?

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