Six Ways Your Church Should Be Using Spotify

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Six Ways Your Church Should Be Using Spotify

One of the most popular apps in the world is Spotify. Most members of your church probably use it. But in our experience, most churches do not use Spotify. And that’s a shame because there is a significant opportunity in Spotify for churches.

In this article, we cover all the reasons your church should use this awesome app. We also go over six ways your church should be using Spotify.

Are you ready? Let’s go.

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Why Should Churches Use Spotify?

Why Should Churches Use Spotify?

In today’s digitally-driven world, churches are embracing innovative tools to enrich their worship experiences. One such tool gaining popularity among church leaders is Spotify, a music streaming platform.

Here’s why your church should consider integrating Spotify into its services:

Accessible Worship Music

With a Spotify account, churches gain access to a vast library of worship songs spanning various genres and languages. From classic hymns to contemporary praise songs, Spotify offers a diverse selection to cater to the preferences of Christians.

Church leaders can curate playlists tailored to specific themes or events, ensuring that every worshipper can find meaningful music to connect with. This accessibility fosters inclusivity and enables churches to reach a wider audience, regardless of their musical background or preferences.

Spotify is the most popular application for all devices that allows easy access to music for free. While a paid subscription unlocks an ad-free experience, you can still listen to almost any song ever made for absolutely no cost. This makes worship super accessible, especially for people who don’t have access to other apps for one reason or another (they don’t have a phone, don’t own an Apple device, etc.).

Dynamic Worship Experiences

Dynamic Worship Experiences

Gone are the days of static worship services. By incorporating Spotify into their worship planning, churches can create dynamic and engaging experiences for their congregations. Imagine seamlessly transitioning between worship songs and sermon illustrations with the tap of a screen.

Spotify presents a user-friendly interface. With it, church leaders can easily navigate their playlists, adjusting the mood and atmosphere to align with the message being shared. This flexibility empowers churches to adapt their worship services to meet the evolving needs of their communities, fostering deeper engagement and spiritual growth.

Now, we are not suggesting you replace your live worship band with Spotify music. But it can always do that if you’re in a pinch. Or it can play background music during a time when there is no live band on stage. It can play soaking worship music behind a sermon speaker, provide a pad in the correct key to aid the musicians, and so much more!

There are so many different uses for Spotify, especially during services and worship. Of course, even outside of those times, playing background music from Spotify while you’re team is working is always fun!

Outreach and Evangelism

In today’s interconnected world, churches have a unique opportunity to share the message of hope and redemption with a global audience. By leveraging Spotify, churches can extend their reach beyond the confines of their physical location, reaching individuals across the world with the power of music.

Whether through sharing curated playlists on social media or embedding Spotify widgets on their websites, churches can connect with seekers and believers alike, inviting them to experience the transformative power of worship. This digital outreach not only expands the church’s influence but also creates opportunities for meaningful connections and conversations that can lead to lasting relationships with Christ.

Most people don’t think of Spotify as a social media app. And technically, it’s not. But there are social parts to it, where you can have friends and share playlists and songs with them. This allows you to have an impact online with people who can see your church’s account and the kinds of music you listen to and the playlists you’ve made.

Spotify for Churches

Spotify offers churches a powerful platform to enhance their worship experiences, connect with members, and reach out to the world with the message of God’s love. By harnessing the accessibility, flexibility, and outreach potential of Spotify, churches can create vibrant and impactful worship environments that resonate with people of all ages and backgrounds.

So, let’s press play on this exciting opportunity and see how God can use music to touch hearts and change lives, both within our walls and beyond.

Six Spotify Strategies for Churches

Six Spotify Strategies for Churches

Now that we’ve hopefully convinced you why your church should use Spotify, let’s explore six strategies for using Spotify. These strategies range from having a shared worship ideas playlist for your worship team, posting your sermons as podcasts on Spotify, and utilizing Spotify’s video-player capabilities.

If you integrate these strategies, you can use Spotify to take your church to the next level. Let’s dive in.

1. Preview Worship Songs For Visitors

Music is an essential part of every worship service. Visitors would love to get a taste of the music your church might play before they show up for a service.  

Spotify is a great way to give them a sample. You can build a custom playlist with your current worship songs. Spotify provides embed codes to put the player right onto your church website.

What’s cool is that Spotify works across all different kinds of devices. This means you can edit and access your playlists on your church computer, on your phone, and more! You don’t have to wait to get to the office or to get home to make edits, you can do them on the go. This extends to listeners as well, as long as they have the free Spotify app installed on their devices, they can access your playlists from anywhere.

2. Have A Shared Worship Ideas Playlist

Have A Shared Worship Ideas Playlist

Every healthy worship team should have a plan to add new songs to their repertoire regularly. Spotify can make this easy. 

Create a shared playlist where worship team members and staff can add songs. 

People can share the songs that speak to them, and this playlist can let everyone on the team start to consider a new piece.

Don’t know how to make a playlist on Spotify? Here is their easy guide on how to create your own playlists. The process works differently on different devices, but they cover all of this in their guide.

3. Create A What Were Listening To Playlist

People might be interested to know what your leaders are listening to in their free time. You can create a playlist highlighting some of those songs, podcasts, or other sermons. 

People love to connect with others who have the same taste in music. A playlist like this might help you build stronger connections within your church family.

This is a great way to connect with your church community outside of services and meeting times. For those who want to go deeper, they can find additional resources in these playlists that allow them to experience God throughout their entire week.

4. Submit Your Podcast

Spotify is now the most widely used podcast player. In 2021, they passed Apple to take the top spot.


Yet so many people don’t even think of Spotify when submitting their podcast. 

Turn your weekly sermons into a podcast, or better yet, make unique content. Submit this to Spotify, and you will reach an even larger audience.

If you’re not sure if you should start a church podcast, maybe this article will help convince you. If that’s already something you want to do, check out our guide to getting started.

5. Broadcast Your Video Sermons

Spotify is also a top-rated channel for video. Many of us think audio first, but Spotify is becoming a major player in streaming video. 

You are already doing the hard work of preaching and creating the videos. The easy part is uploading the videos to Spotify to expand your reach. 

6. Create a Pre and Post Service Playlist

The musing you play before and after service can play an enormous part in someone’s experience at your church. 

If people are familiar with the music, it may help them become ready to encounter God. 

You can use Spotify to create those playlists. Plan on having a few dozen songs on there and keep shuffle mode on to make sure each week feels different. 

Spotify for Churches

Spotify for Churches

In short, Spotify brings music to church in a whole new way. It helps create inclusive worship experiences, makes services more dynamic, and opens doors for sharing the message with the world. By using Spotify, churches can reach people everywhere and make a difference in their lives.

So let’s tune in to this amazing tool and see how it can bring us closer to God and each other. God bless!

Six Ways Your Church Should Be Using Spotify

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  1. This was amazing. I have Spotify premium, but I never thought to put our videos on Spotify. This was great. We just started lived streaming because we don’t always have access to our church due to COVID-19.

    How do I turn my message into Podcast?

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