10 Church Valentines Day Ideas for this Special Holiday

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We can all feel the love and romance in the air as we approach Valentine’s Day. Though the holiday is known for many things, it can be a huge opportunity for your church to spread the love and beauty of Jesus. We want to give you 10 church valentines day ideas to make the holiday truly special.

From worship services full of sweet songs of our love for our God to family-friendly gatherings and outreach initiatives, let’s explore a variety of fun and unique Valentine’s day ideas. Join us on this journey as we discover ways to create a sense of togetherness, appreciation, and community in the name of love.

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10 Church Valentine’s Day Ideas

10 Church Valentine's Day Ideas

Here is our definitive list of 10 different ideas for your church’s Valentine’s Day celebrations. We cover everything. From things you can do during Sunday service, additional bible studies you can lead, ways to spice up your church space, and more!

According to Statistia, Valentine’s Day is becoming more and more about spending money and commercialism as time goes on.


Our hope is that we can instead use the holiday to spread love and unity. And what better community to share that message than Christ’s church?

We hope you enjoy these 10 ideas, and are inspired to incorporate some of them into your own church community.

Let’s dive in.

1. Couples’ Bible Study

Firstly, you can encourage couples to have a bible study. These additional meetings you can hold outside of service time can be a meaningful and intimate way for church members to strengthen their relationships. This special gathering provides a dedicated space for married couples or dating couples to delve into scripture, exploring teachings on love, commitment, and mutual respect.

Selecting a relevant and engaging Bible study topic allows couples to reflect on their faith and its practical application in their relationships. There are plenty of different directions you could go. You could see what the Bible says about the covenant of marriage. Rather, you could find each Bible verse about family and raising kids rightly. Finally, you could explore God’s word about intimacy and purity.

If you don’t want to fashion your own curriculum, you could check out some of these highly-rated bible studies for couples:

A bible study group can even go beyond just diving into God’s word. A small group made up of couples can be a great place for men and women to meet new friends and build relationships with people going through the same things they are.

2. Love and Service Outreach

A love and service outreach initiative shows the compassionate spirit of a church community by extending love beyond its walls. This outreach combines acts of kindness with a genuine desire to make a positive impact in the lives of others. Whether through volunteering at local shelters, organizing community clean-ups, or distributing care packages, the focus is on selflessly serving those in need.

The essence of Christ’s love is embodied in these tangible expressions of kindness, fostering connections and forging bonds with the wider community. Through a love and service outreach, your church can become a beacon of love.

This initiative not only transforms the lives of those being served but also strengthens the sense of unity and purpose within the church. It demonstrates that love is not only professed but profoundly lived out in service to others.

We recommend partnering with a local organization that already has the knowledge and experience to organize a community outreach like this.

3. Love-Themed Worship Service

Love-Themed Worship Service

A love-themed worship service offers a powerful opportunity for church to celebrate valentine’s day in celebration of our love for Jesus Christ. Beforehand, you can carefully curate a selection of hymns and worship songs that center on the core theme of love as emphasized in the teachings of Christ.

There are so many amazing worship songs out there, and they are all different in the way we use them to relate to the King of Kings. Some have us singing of His mighty power. Some of His forgiveness. Or just of our praise and worship to Him. For Valentine’s Day, choose songs that specifically focus on human love for God, and His love for us.

Songs that are beautiful and sweet also match the energy of the holiday. Try to find worship songs that sound just like love songs, in the way they lavish love and passion on Jesus. Here are some love song suggestions for your worship service:

  • “First Love” by Kari Jobe
  • “Jesus We Love You” by Bethel Music
  • “You’re Beautiful” by Phil Wickham
  • “Fairest” and “Love Note” by UPPERROOM

4. Family Valentine’s Day Celebration

Another great idea is to host a family Valentine’s Day celebration at your church. This can be before or after a Sunday service, or on a completely different day, like Valentine’s Day itself. The purpose of this occasion is to celebrate love in all its forms, not just romantic bonds but also those of family and friendship.

A church potluck meal can encourage the warmth of fellowship as families contribute their favorite dishes. Family-focused games and activities can cater to all ages. A Valentine’s Day craft can teach kids the history of the holiday and also about the way God loves them. Getting your children’s ministry involved can be hugely helpful.

In this celebration, the essence of love is expressed through shared moments, reinforcing the belief that love extends beyond romantic relationships. The event becomes a testament to the interconnectedness of church families and the bonds within your church community.

5. Valentine’s Day Decorations

Valentine's Day Decorations

Let’s not forget some of the fun practicals we can do to enhance the season! Valentine’s Day decorations in your church can fill the space with an atmosphere of love, warmth, and celebration. You can adorn your church with heart-shaped banners, delicate flowers, and vibrant red and pink hues, in the aesthetic of the holiday.

You can use uplifting messages and “love-themed” scriptures on the walls or on signs or in pamphlets. The careful selection of decor not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also serves as a visual reminder of the divine love at the core of Christian teachings. In a decorated setting, church members are invited to immerse themselves in the celebration of love.

Church Valentine’s Day decorations, beyond their ornamental function, can play a crucial role in cultivating an environment where faith, fellowship, and the enduring message of love beautifully intersect.

6. Song of Solomon Bible Study

A Song of Solomon bible study leads Christians on a poetic and profound exploration of love, desire, and the sacred nature of marriage. This Old Testament book, often overlooked, provides a rich tapestry of verses that delve into the romantic and intimate aspects of human relationships, mirroring the depth of Christ’s love for His Church. This means it is relevant for everybody, not just couples.

Participants in this study embark on a journey through the verses. They can unravel the metaphors and poetic expressions that celebrate the beauty of marital love. The study encourages reflection on the divine design for romantic relationships, offering insights into the significance of emotional and physical intimacy within the context of God’s plan for marriage. And of course, His plan of marriage between Jesus and the church.

Here are some popular Song of Solomon bible studies you can follow:

As you delve into the Song of Solomon, you can discover timeless wisdom that enriches your understanding of love, commitment, and the intricate dance of affection in the divine narrative of life and faith.

7. Valentine Cards Outreach

Valentine Cards Outreach

A Valentine cards outreach can be a great and fun way to get your community together under the united effort of loving on your community. For this valentine’s day craft, church members come together to craft heartfelt, handmade Valentine’s Day cards with messages of encouragement, warmth, and faith.

These tokens of love are then distributed to various recipients, such as the elderly, hospital patients, or individuals experiencing loneliness. Beyond mere paper and ink, these cards carry the profound message of God’s love, bringing comfort and joy to those who may feel isolated.

The act of creating and sharing these cards becomes a tangible expression of the church community’s commitment to spreading love and kindness. A Valentine cards outreach transforms a seemingly commercialized holiday into an opportunity for genuine human connection and the spreading of God’s love.

8. Marriage/Dating Series

A marriage/dating series within a church can serve as a compass for couples navigating the intricate journey of love and commitment. The series should be designed to offer practical insights, biblical guidance, and relevant wisdom to strengthen relationships and marriages. It should also be relevant for singles or young people. There is plenty of preaching material in just those subjects to produce more than a few sermons.

Covering topics such as communication, conflict resolution, shared values, and spiritual intimacy, the series cabn provide a framework for healthy relationships. By weaving scriptural teachings into real-world scenarios, the marriage/dating series can become very impactful. We suggest taking 3-4 Sundays in February to preach a series on relationships that can be helpful to everyone.

Ultimately, this series can be a testament to your church’s commitment to nurturing healthy relationships, fostering unity, and promoting the enduring values of love and commitment within the sacred covenant of marriage.

9. Valentine’s Day Show

Valentine's Day Show

Another fun idea is to put on a Valentine’s Day show hosted by your church. This event can be whatever you like, and could be separate or a part of your Sunday service. You can have a talent show where anyone can sign up! Comparatively, you can have a more organized and rehearsed show. Or a bit of both!

Your show can be a tapestry of diverse expressions. It can weave together elements of music, drama, and heartfelt testimonials to create a memorable experience for everyone. Couples within the church may take the stage to share their stories, offering a glimpse into the beauty and challenges of their relationships, all grounded in faith and commitment. Musical ensembles may serenade the audience with love-inspired melodies. And dramatic presentations can explore the depth of God’s love through poignant storytelling.

A Valentine’s Day show can be a platform for fostering a sense of togetherness and connection within the church community. Through this celebration, your church can emphasize the enduring message that love, in all its forms, is a reflection of the divine and a cornerstone of the Christian faith.

10. Seminar for Singles

Finally, an original idea to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to focus on those most left out by the holiday: single people. A seminar for singles is a purposeful gathering that empowers individuals on their unique journey of faith, self-discovery, and relationships. This event provides a platform for singles within the church community to engage in meaningful discussions. They can gain insights into navigating the challenges and opportunities of singlehood from a biblical perspective.

The seminar can cover a range of topics, from personal development and spiritual growth to healthy dating practices and preparing for future relationships. Through interactive sessions, participants can explore their individual purpose. This can allow them to embrace the season of singleness as an opportunity for personal and spiritual enrichment.

Your seminar can create a supportive environment where singles can connect with like-minded individuals. They can share experiences and build a strong foundation for their future endeavors.

Church Valentine’s Day

Church Valentine's Day

And those are our ideas for your chuch’s Valentine’s Day celebration! Whether through a love-themed worship service, outreach initiatives, family celebrations, or insightful seminars, your church’s Valentine’s Day endeavors can show your commitment to love as a guiding force within the community.

These intentional efforts to celebrate love in its various dimensions echo the essence of Christian teachings. This Valentine’s Day, your church can stand as a beacon of faith. It can remind all that love, in all its forms, is a cornerstone of a vibrant and flourishing community. And the most important love of all is our God’s love for us, and our love for Him.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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