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Seven Keywords for Churches That Want to Improve Their SEO Rank

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More and more churches are starting to get serious about Search Engine Optimization and keywords for churches. We live in an online world, and search is how people find just about everything. 

But how does a church get started with SEO?

While there is no shortage of work on your site to make it search-friendly, the first step is understanding what your audience is searching for. 

To help, we are dedicating this entire episode to the seven keywords churches should optimize for first. 

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Churches Near Me

The first keyword every church should focus on is Churches Near Me. This is one of the most common searches for people searching for churches. 

It also has clear local intent, which is a metric Google uses to determine if it should show results from that locale or results from across the globe. 

Make this keyword a priority, and you will show up in Local Searches too. If you are confused by the difference, we did a whole video about the Anatomy of a Google Search that may help. 

Church In (City)

Next, you should target church(es) in your area, and this would be the next most common search for people looking for churches. 

For most churches, your city is the best choice, but this depends on your local context. 

Churches in rural areas might see better results with churches in your county. A church in New York City might target their specific borough or neighborhood. 


For some people, the word Evangelical has a lot of baggage, and we can all agree it means different things to different people. 

Despite the connotations of the word, it is one of the most regularly searched. 

If you are an Evangelical Church, dedicate some content on the site to using that keyword.  

Denomination Name

People are likely to search for a kind of church they are familiar with. If you lead a Baptist church, Baptist is an important keyword for you. 

Even if your church doesn’t feel very denominational, people are searching by those terms, and your church may be a great fit. 

Bible Based

Bible Based is another common search term for people looking for a new church home. 

While it is likely that it would be practicing Christians using the term, it is an excellent way for you to connect with people who are searching. 

Christian Churches

If someone were to ask you what kind of church you lead, you probably wouldn’t say a Christian Church. Most people would assume that. 

But when people search, the evidence shows that they search for churches using this term all the time. 


Spirit-Filled means different things to different people. 

To some, it means a church full of people who passionately love Jesus. 

To others, it is a synonym for a pentecostal or charismatic church. 

Either way, people are typing this into Google, and you can use that keyword to reach your community. 

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Seven Keywords for Churches That Want to Improve Their SEO Rank

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