Why You Need a Church Website Designer: Top 12 Website Builders

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When it comes to church websites, it’s important to focus on both the function and design! Not sure where to start when creating a new website? Don’t worry, we’ll show you some of the best church website builders that work alongside you. Having a church website designer is the key to a functional and excellent website that brings traffic to your church.

This can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re starting from scratch or renovating an existing website, we hope that these website designers can help you reach your goals.

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Benefits of having a well-designed website

Just like your church app, your website is a tool to help more people create meaningful connections with your church. It exists to serve your members and help you reach new people. When you think about it that way, your website feels more like an opportunity than an obligation. And the decisions you make become about communicating the most helpful information.

In the digital age, churches can’t successfully engage with their communities without great technology. Not meeting people where they are digitally is one of the top five bad habits that can hinder healthy church growth.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Local SEO is perhaps one of the most important things when it comes to building a church website. SEO stands for “search engine optimization”. In simple terms, this is how easily searchable your website is on a platform such as Google. Keywords are very important in this process. People might search for something such as, “churches near me” or even the name of your Church if they know it. Depending on the platform you have chosen, make sure you fill out the SEO settings.

It’s as easy as imputing keywords and updating the meta description for you website that brings in a flood of traffic. This isn’t something most people think about, which is where contacting the website creators can be incredibly helpful, as they have the ultimate expertise. For more information about how to improve your SEO and get into contact with an expert, visit REACHRIGHT.

Top 9 Things a Church Website Should Include

You may be wondering what needs to appear on your church website. There are many components that go into building a great site. I recommend making a list of non-negotiables that you want to incorporate into your site. People are looking for a clean and easy-to-navigate website design so find what church website design company works best for you.

Things to include:

  • Sermons
  • Online Giving
  • Locations
  • About Page (History)
  • Events
  • Pictures
  • Watch Online Feature
  • Next Steps
  • Contact Forms

Think of a website as a form of online marketing. A website is easy to share with others who want more information. With a well designed website, all the most important information needs to be easily accessible for any newcomers. Keep this in mind when designing your website – view yourself as a new guest.

Amazing Website Designers

A great website designer is one that will be with you every step of the way. A website is more than just the look, it’s about the functionality. Along with the design, you’ll need to ensure you have web hosting, good web traffic, and a well organized site. Custom websites have the power to bring people to your church, so it’s important you find a website designer you love. Take a look at the great designers we found and see if one is right for you.


REACHRIGHT‘s mission is to build church websites that help you reach even more people online. Our focus is specifically on Church websites, as opposed to a general website builder site. A team of highly skilled artists designs each site to make sure that each website is unique to your church website needs.

REACHRIGHT focuses on building a mobile-based site first since 63% of website traffic comes from mobile rather than desktop. Your site will be SEO focused to ensure that your website will come up in a search among thousands of other churches like yours. REACHRIGHT has a support team ready to answer any questions you might have!

We want to help your website reach its maximum potential. This means working alongside you until you’re happy with the results. As mentioned before, we want to focus on SEO so that your church appears at the top of any search page. When someone searches for a church near them, make sure that your website is first. Once it’s first on a search page, then we want to help you make sure people stay on your website with a functional design.

Work with us at REACHRIGHT for a custom quote today!


Pricing starts at only $97/month!

2. Subsplash

Subsplash allows you to create a beautiful, powerful, and fully-integrated church website in a snap! Engage and grow your community with built-in media hosting and streaming, events, blogging, online giving, and more.

Key Features:

Drag and Drop Builder – So easy to use that anyone can build a beautiful website in no time at all. 

Media Delivery– Host, play, share, and live stream video and audio content on your website.

Giving Integration – Increase donations by adding online giving to your website.

Church Templates – Choose from dozens of pre-built church website templates, or build from scratch!

3. Wix

Wix gives you complete website design freedom. They implement drag-and-drop technology that allows you move around everything you need to create a beautiful website. Upload your own images into photo galleries, and organize sermons in an easy way. Just as with the other websites listed above, you can customize just about everything to fit your needs.


  • Combo: $16 per month
    • 2gb storage space
  • Unlimited: $22 per month
    • 5gb storage space
    • ad vouchers
  • Pro: $27 per month
    • 50gb storage space
    • professional logo
  • VIP: $45 per month
    • 100gb storage space
    • priority customer care

4. MyChurchWebsite

MyChurchWebsite is a professional, beautiful & functional church website that meets your unique needs, when you feel too overwhelmed to do it yourself. They’ll shoulder the huge workload for you, help you avoid common mistakes that can hurt visitors impressions of you, and make you an amazing site that meets all your intended goals.

  • Creation of Beautiful, Professional Custom Church Design & Graphics
  • Your Own Personal Project Manager, Web Developer, & Graphic Designer
  • Site Setup & Developed Around Your Specific Needs
  • Free Monthly Christian Graphics ($300/yr value)

Available Add-Ons:

5. Ministry Designs

Ministry Designs has a simple 4-step process to get you started on building a custom website design. First pick your kit, which is a pre-optimized design and is a great starting point. Then, migrate any existing content you have on a current church website. Next, they will optimize your content and build out an SEO strategy for your website, and finally, they have tools in place to help people engage with your website.

Pricing: They have two pricing options using their Omega website-building tool

  • Omega Lite $57 per month
  • Omega Plus $97 per month

6. Clover Sites

Clover Sites is a another popular website builder that specializes in creating easy-to-use custom Church websites. With ready-to-go templates, beautiful themes, and additional add-ons, Clover is a top choice. They provide options for a basic church website, app features, graphics, text, and emailing systems, as well as live streaming for church online. Their main focus is to help you with communication, generosity, engagement, and easy management.

Pricing Plans: They have 4 tiers of pricing plans for whatever works best for your ministry.

$34 a month + $500 set-up fee

$50 a month + $500 set-up fee

$99 a month + $500 set-up fee

$159 a month, no SET-UP fee

7. WordPress

WordPress is an incredibly popular website builder and one that we here at REACHRIGHT love to use. It’s very versatile, being a fully custom site. There are SEO tools, social media tools, as well as monetization tools to implement online giving should you so desire. The first year is free with a custom domain name with any annual paid plan. WordPress focuses on extensibility, performance, security, and reliability.

Pricing: Pay monthly or pay annually with varying tier options.

  • Free
  • Personal: $36 per month
    • ad-free
  • Premium: $108 per month
    • premium themes
  • Business: $324 per month
    • install plugins
    • unrestricted bandwidth

You can start for free to get an idea of whether or not this is the website design for you and your needs. As previously mentioned, WordPress implements Google Analytics into their site to give site analysis. WordPress is a great website builder for your church website, that has nearly all the features you could possibly need.

8. Share Faith

Share Faith is a church website design company with big creative-team quality without large prices. With over 100,000 church graphics, mini-movies, and worship backgrounds, Share Faith is a great choice. Not only do they help design the best church website, but they can provide curriculum as well. They have a church management software that will allow you to focus on the members of you congregation. Share Faith has an online giving function, as well as a live streaming capability.

Pricing: To learn more about their payment options, see their website for inquiries.

9. Jimdo

Jimdo is a great church website design company to consider. This platform follows a portfolio style. This website platform is great if you are looking to create a simple website. Not every church needs a website with a lot of tabs. You can also connect other social media platforms you might already have. Jimdo has a free option, with the chance to upgrade at any time. This is a fantastic option if you aren’t looking to spend a lot of money, as the pricing options listed below are very reasonable.


  • Play: Free
    • all base features
  • Start: $9 per month
    • domain included
    • ad-free
  • Grow: $14 per month
    • SEO
    • visitor stats
    • personalized support

10. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is a fantastic free option if you’re not ready to commit to a price. They offer a free basic website design, with options to upgrade with more features. GoDaddy lets you add on features as you grow and need them. You are able to create the website, while GoDaddy takes care of the hosting, maintenance, and software updates. It can be nice to choose a free option to create your church website before fully committing.


  • Free
  • Basic: $9.99 a month
    • custom domain name
  • Premium: $14.99 a month
  • Commerce: $16.99 a month
    • discounted and promotional features
  • Commerce Plus: $29.99 a month
    • all features

11. Weebly

Weebly is an amazing option because it’s a free website builder, with pricing options to upgrade based on your needs. With integrated social media marketing, Weebly helps to drive traffic to your website. Designed as a blog platform, they have an easy-to-use drag-and-drop feature, as well as fully customizable options. Weebly provides a 24/7 help center to answer any questions in the design process.


  • Basic: Free
    • basic use
  • Personal: $10 per month
    • custom domain name
  • Professional: $12 per month
    • unlimited storage
    • remove ads
    • advanced site stats
  • Performance: $26 per month
    • priority support

12. Squarespace

Squarespace is a widely used website company that provides fully customizable templates. With several different pricing plans, they also offer a free trial with no credit card required. You will also receive a free custom domain name with the first year of an annual payment plan. Squarespace is an all-in-one custom management system.

With your subscription, you can make a website, host content, register your free domain name, and track your site’s analytics. Squarespace offers the help of their experts. Simply follow the instructions listed on their website to get started. You provide the specific instructions, general outline for design and hire one of their talented website designers.


  • Personal: $16 per month
    • free domain name
  • Business: $23 per month
    • advanced website analytics
  • Commerce (Basic): $27 per month
  • Commerce (Advanced): $49 per month


A majority of these website builders allow you to ask questions and have free trials. Don’t feel like you have to commit to one right away. It’s important that you feel confident in the design. After all, this is your church and your people. Take pride in the design and get started today! We hope that any one of these can be the best church website builder for you and your team.

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